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Occasionally, the question arises as to whether Mountain Mist® batting products are bonded. Many times a quilt teacher or book will instruct students to purchase a "bonded" batting, and some teachers and students mistakenly believe that Mountain Mist® is not bonded. When quilters speak of bonding they are referring to the fact that batting fibers have been joined together in some way. The joining of the fibers allows the batting sheet to be easily unrolled and remain in one smooth sheet. The bonding helps prevent the batting sheet from tearing and stretching as it is spread. Mountain Mist® developed the first bonded batts in 1846 when the company began. Since that time, the basic idea has been refined. Mountain Mist® achieves the required bonding with the unique Glazene® finish.
Other brands of batting are bonded by spray methods, needlepunching, or by thermal bonding (a heat set process). These methods bond fibers throughout all the layers of the batt. The Mountain Mist® exclusive Glazene® finish binds fibers on the surface, both top and bottom, in a contiguous even form which eliminates resistance to the quilter's needle and offers a soft drapeable finished product.

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